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About Us

Empowering Your Fitness Journey

Melisa Natapraya (also known as Mel to most and MAJOR to many) is an US Active-Duty Army Medical Service Corp Officer, master fitness trainer, certified health coach, leader, behavior change advocate, and mother. Functional Fitness and Health coach focusing on body transformation while taking a holistic approach.

Melisa’s fitness journey started during her high school athletic days. It was a requirement to maintain a certain level of physical fitness during both track and field and basketball season. On average, 25 hours of athletic practice weekly on top of an already heavy academic course curriculum, extracurricular activities, and an afterschool job. In 1992 heading to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, at a lean 127lbs, the focus and discipline for fitness quickly dissipated because of outside distractions and the new challenge of college life. By her sophomore year of college, she was tipping the scale at 170lbs and steadily climbing. Melisa recalls how excited she was at the end of her sophomore year as she packed and plan to go home to visit family for the summer. Getting out of the car, Melisa distinctly remembers the first family member to greet her didn’t have welcoming words but a negative and unkind comment about her appearance …“wow you are fat!” These very words cut like a knife and for the first time in her young adult life Melisa began to struggle with body image issues. Over the next couple of years leading up to graduation, and a few years beyond, she found herself following a vicious cycle of Yo-Yo fad dieting that begin to affect both her physical and mental health.

In 2002, while relaxing in her apartment Melisa started experiencing shortness of breath, chest pains, and a massive headache. When she arrived at the emergency room her blood pressure was extremely high, and the nurse told her that she needed to make some changes in her diet and lifestyle or be prepared to possibly have heart-attack or stroke at a young age. These words changed her fitness trajectory. This led her to commit to a holistic approach that considered multidimensional aspects of wellness.

Army bound! In 2003 Melisa joined the military, her passion for fitness grew. The satisfaction of helping others achieve their fitness goals and feel good in their skin became the ultimate reward. A few years later she would meet and marry another military fitness coach, owner of Delta Strong Fitness. Working together as a team; coaching people to accomplish their fitness goals through healthy eating habits, discipline, focus, consistency, and a positive mindset would lead to the establishment of MK Wellness and MK Elite Fitness.

Our Motto

If you touch it; you are committed!

Help Improve

How Can i Help You ?

You can assist by asking questions, seeking information, or requesting help with various topics. Whether it’s for knowledge, writing assistance, or problem-solving, I’m here to provide guidance and answers.

Just type your query, and I’ll do my best to assist you effectively and efficiently.

Our Mission

MK Elite Fitness provides clients with Nutritional Coaching and Functional Fitness Strength training programs designed to effectively achieve maximum results, increase mobility, flexibility, power, and cardiovascular conditioning in the most efficient time and safest manner.

Our Vision

MK Elite Fitness is committed to cultivating a fun, challenging, effective fitness experience for clients in a welcoming and safe environment. We will educate clients on how to transform their body and increase their health span through nutritious food, a positive mindset, and functional fitness.


Discover a diverse range of fitness programs at M&K Elite Fitness tailored to your unique goals. From personalized training for individualized results to invigorating group classes and expert nutrition coaching, our programs are designed to elevate your fitness journey. Transform your body, boost your confidence, and embrace a healthier lifestyle with us.


$ 15.99 Per Month
  • gets you access to website video library


$ 18.99 Per Month
  • gets you access to website video library
  • 2 free group virtual classes per month

Drop in


$ 10.00 Per Person
  • group virtual class


$ 18.99 Per Person
  • group virtual class

One on one coaching


12 weeks
$ 600
  • 2 in person sessions a week – 60 minute sessions
  • 1 personalized video per week – 30 minute
  • Diet consultation
  • Complete physical evaluation at initial start and ongoing weekly assessments to prevent and treat any injuries by certified medical provider.


12 weeks
$ 400
  • 1 in person session a week – 60 minute session
  • 1 Personalized video per week – 30 minutes
  • Diet consultation
  • Complete physical evaluation at initial start and ongoing weekly assessments to prevent and treat any injuries by certified medical provider.


Add on for adult male clients
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  • Testosterone replacement therapy consultation
  • Free consultation to all one on one coaching clients

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Years of certified experience, guiding fitness journeys to lasting success.


Experience adventure, adrenaline, and excitement in the great outdoors with us.


Experience adventure, adrenaline, and excitement in the great outdoors with us.


Reasons to Choose M&K Fitness

Choose us for our unwavering commitment to your fitness success. With expert trainers, a supportive community, and personalized programs, we prioritize your well-being. At M&K Elite Fitness, you’ll find inspiration, motivation, and the path to a healthier, happier you

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